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Bulldawg 7s Championship Trophy-04

Organized by MSU Cricket Club

Date: August 14,15 2004
Venue:Drill Field, MSU Campus

Tournament Brochure in PDF format
Registration Form in PDF format

The MSU Cricket Club is proud to announce the BULLDAWG 7'S CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY-04 on the weekend of august 14th and 15th, 2004. After 2 years of existence, the MSU Cricket club, a full member of USA Cricket Association is becoming a force to reckon with in the Southeastern United States, and to commemorate this we are conducting a mega 7-a-side taped tennis ball cricket tournament.

MSUCC with the support of the Student Association at MSU, will be co-ordinating all the organizational activity for this event. The Student Association will be using this event as a showcase of the wonderful things in store for new students, as part of their orientation drive. This will be a good opportunity for all of you to represent your respective universities in a befitting manner. Radio, newspaper and television would cover the event in a big way along with the live commentary on field in both English and Hindi.

The tournament aims at playing eight solid cricketing powers in the southeastern United States against one another in a battle of never-before-seen magnitude. This would be an annual event from now onwards to promote competitive cricket and camaraderie among the cricket teams in the region. Teams from three to four states will be competing for the championship, many for the first time in this area. This in itself is a major incentive for all the participating teams. Some of the rules of cricket are modified to make it further more exciting and thrilling.

MSUCC is in negotiations with the Mississippi State University and local motel owners to get you a good deal on room rentals. We are also trying to get food supplied to you at a nominal rate. We will keep you updated on any developments in this regard.

We look forward to meeting all of you and playing some fun cricket. Please do contact us if you have any questions. The tentative schedule of matches is included in this brochure. We will have the final schedule of matches up on our site and sent to you by email as soon as we get a confirmation of the teams. Please do confirm your arrival dates so that we may arrange accordingly. A registration form at the end of this brochure should be completed and submitted to MSU Cricket Club by August 2nd, 2004 5:00pm.
Pool A:
  1. A1
  2. A2
  3. A3
  4. A4
Pool B:
  1. B1
  2. B2
  3. B3
  4. B4

Tournament Format (subject to change):
  1. All the teams will be grouped into two pools.
  2. Each team in a pool will play every other team in the pool during the preliminary round robin league. The top two teams from each pool will play in the semifinals. The winners of the semifinals will play the in the finals.
  3. The exact details of points 1 and 2 will be made available after the last day of registration July 30th, 2004 at 5:00pm.
  4. Each innings in the tournament shall consist of eight overs with a maximum of three overs for two bowlers and two for one bowler. A minimum of three bowlers should be used in each match. The same rules holds good through out the tournament.
  5. Special rules: To make the game more fun filled, the following additional rules will also apply:
    1. If a team scores less than 6 runs in an over they will be penalized an additional two runs.
    2. If a team scores more than 15 runs in an over, all additional runs above 15 will be doubled.
    3. A batsman would have to retire after scoring 35 runs; he can resume after all other batsmen are out.
    4. You can score maximum of eight runs in a ball. If the ball crosses the boundary in certain locations then a four would be declared as a six and a six would be counted as an eight.
    5. If you get an hatrick, you get a life. The opposition teamís runs would get reduced by 15 runs from the total score.

Tournament Rules (subject to change):
  1. A win is awarded 4 points and a tie is awarded 2 point. In case of a no show from both the teams, 0 points are awarded.
  2. No restrictions on field placements including the wicket keeper.
  3. No LBW and no leg-byes. However, byes are allowed.
  4. Double taped tennis balls will be used.
  5. The change of ball will be based on umpire's discretion.
  6. If two or more teams have equal points, then their head to head results from all previous rounds would be used to break the tie. In case, this does not resolve the standings, the net run rate is considered according to rule 8.
  7. In case of rain, umpires decision will be final.
  8. In case of any team member having a clarification, he has to report it to the Umpires/Captain of their respective team.
  9. The Captains, Umpires and the Organizers sort out any discrepancies on the field.
  10. Run rate is calculated according to the formula (Runs scored - runs given) / (number of overs played).
  11. A match is considered forfeited if the team does not show up 10 minutes past the scheduled start of play. The opposite team earns 2 points in this case.
  12. In case of any event not covered by the above rules or in case of any conflicts, the decision of the MSUCC committee will be final.
  13. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us.
  14. Drinks would be served by MSUCC during the tournament.
  15. Registration forms should be submitted to MSUCC by August 2nd, 2004 by 5:00pm. Please register at the earliest due to the limited number of teams that can participate in the tournament. Registration is based on first come first basis. Registration fee of $70.00 is due by the beginning of the tournament.