MSUCC Matches/Events:

Fiesta 2005 Match : State on top!

Organized by MSU Cricket Club

Date: April 02, 2005
Venue:Drill Field, MSU Campus

By Vikram Venkatesh

What is state supremacy? Is it when you beat the best team in the state? Is it when there is no other team in the state that can beat you? Or is it a combination of both?

This question reigned in all our minds for the last 3 years, ever since the MSUCC was formed back in 2002. We always wanted to know whether we were the best in the state of Mississippi, by beating all the teams in the state. There is traditional rivalry between MSU and (what is affectionately called) "the other school". Whether it is on the gridiron or on the baseball fields or in any field. Cricket gained tremendous ground when these two traditional rivals met for the very first time on a sunny, windy April afternoon, as a conclusion to the International Fiesta 2005.

The game began about 45 minutes late owing to the extension of the performances by artists at the Fiesta and also the playing ground needing to be cleared of tents and other Fiesta-related equipment. But the wait by the partisan audience that had gathered to watch the game (some for the very first time), was aptly rewarded with explosive performances by both teams.

The Olemiss team won the toss and elected to field first, which at that time seemed a good decision considering this was the first time they were playing here and they did not have an idea as to what to expect in terms of setting a target. The MSU Openers, Abdud and Dipesh, gave the home team a steady start with runs flowing at a regular rate.

Dipesh (the eventual Best Batsman award receiver) was exquisite in his timing and hit a couple of boundaries on the off-side before another of his attempts to clear the fielders was futile and he was caught for a well made 27. His wicket seemed to open a slew of wickets as Gaurav and Nishanth getting out cheaply, Gaurav being bowled and Nishanth miscommunicating on a quick single.

This brought the captain Krish and he in the company of Abdud, who was slowly but steadily building up a good innings, put up quite a few runs on the board. This was when Abdud felt his calf-muscles cramp up, restricting his batting performance. He was restricted to sitting behind the wicket for mostly the rest of the game. But he compiled a good 25 runs staying till the end of the innings, something he has been doing for sometime now. Vinod and Pramod provided some late fireworks with almost identical sixers on the long-on area.

The Olemiss batting was on the whole steady, but the constant fall of wickets meant no single player made a big score or played a sheath-anchor innings to build on. The only boundary of the innings came from Manoj, the Olemiss captain. This showed the dominance that the MSU bowlers had on the batsman.

New ball bowlers Suraj and Dipesh were so accurate with their line and length that the runs soon dried up. Each of the team ended up with 2 wickets each. First change bowlers Dakshesh and Kotesh bowled extremely well, not allowing the batsmen to take any liberties with their shots. Kotesh in particular was composed inspite of this being his debut for the MSU team. Chandru, as usual had a great day with the ball, going for just 14 runs off his 4 overs, the most economical bowler.

The MSU bowlers were sometimes erratic in their line, the 34 extras top scoring everyone in the day. That is something they will have to work on is consistency in terms of bowling a steady line and length inspite of being hit previously.

The Olemiss team ended their 16 overs scoring just 89 runs, giving the MSU team a victory by 35 runs. On the whole it was a good team performance by the MSU team. The Olemiss team needs to use this experience to learn its weaknesses and work on them if they dream of beating the MSU team. For now the Cricket Dawgs of MSU are the champions.

So,what is state supremacy? Now you know!

The MSU Cricket team consisted of the following players:

  1. Abdud
  2. Dipesh
  3. Gaurav
  4. Nishanth
  5. Krish
  6. Vinod
  7. Pramod
  8. Kotesh
  9. Suraj
  10. Dakshesh
  11. Chandru