MSUCC Matches/Events:

Away Seasonball Match at Hattiesburg, 04

Organized by MSU Cricket Club

Date: September 18 2004
Venue:Air Force Grounds, Hattiesburg

By Vikram Venkatesh

The MSU Cricket team that traveled to Hattiesburg on September 18th 2004 for the first seasonball tournament in its history and WON the game by 3 wickets.

What transpired in the game between the MSU team and the Hattiesburg league team, was not a game. It was an experience not felt before. This was the first time that we were going on an away leather-ball match and so anything was possible.

The Hattiesburg team opted to bat first and the MSU bowlers did not let them get away to a start they were hoping for. On a dew-affected pitch, the bowlers kept the ball on the wicket and allowed very few easy deliveries to score on. Even when the batsmen got some strokes out, the MSU fielders showed their full commitment and fielded like their life depended on it. That was the dedication that the team showed right from the start. The Hattiesburg team managed to get to a total of 141 in 30 overs, thanks mostly to some wild hitting in the end. The efforts and accuracy of the MSU bowlers is worth noting because this was the first time they were bowling in match conditions with the seasoned ball. The batsmen showed tremendous respect while playing all MSUCC bowlers, including quickies Prashanth Buchi and Suraj Somnath, and the medium pacers Dipesh Patel, Arun Ramakrishan and Dakshesh Shah.

The MSU batting line-up too looked good on paper, but it was yet to be tested in real match conditions. They started off slowly, analyzing the pitch as it were. The Hattiesburg bowlers too kept a good line and length restricting scoring. The MSU team was chugging along at a good pace, ready for the final attack in the end. But some dubious attempts to up the run-rate resulted in quick wickets and the rising asking rate did not help either. At one stage the MSUCC team was looking at getting 37 runs in 7 overs, which looked difficult with most of the top order back in the pavilion.

Abdud Dahian has always been a great timer of the ball. This southpaw who was recently declared the central-west region most valuable player by the USA Cricket Association, came in to bat as an opener. And he did not let the bowlers get the better of him even once. He batted till the end, making sure that the team won the game. He remained not out at 55. It was mostly due to his efforts that we were able to get to the score of 142 with an over to spare. Even a calf-muscle cramp and exhaustion could not deter his focus. He was the unanimous choice for the man of the match award.

The MSU Cricket team achieved success on its debut in season-ball cricket. A victory is always sweet, but the main aim of this tour was to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the team and work on making it better. The team think-tank will have its hands full in analyzing this match so that we can work on giving better displays in the future.

The MSU Cricket team consisted of the following players:

  1. Abdud Dahian
  2. Gaurav Marwah
  3. Dipesh Patel
  4. Krishnendu Chandra (C)
  5. Arun Ramakrishnan
  6. Sridhar Bhave (W)
  7. Sathya Ananthaswamy
  8. Dakshesh Shah
  9. Sanjay Patil
  10. Suraj Somnath
  11. Prashanth Buchi