MSUCC Workshop on "GLobalization and Sports" 2011
Department of Kinesiology invited MSUCC for one day workshop on "Globalization and Sport" on April 12th 2011. The class involves learning about trends occurring in sport around the world as well as understanding sports around the globe. Under the supervision of Dr. Adam Love, committee members Ananth(PRO) and Arjun(coordinator) had given presentation on CRICKET and its Globalization and then organized a brief clinic for the students on cricket in the Drill Field.
MSU Cricket Club Coverage on MSU TV Channel 98
MSU Cricket Club has received coverage on MSU TV during current week. This coverage will cover "Women's Exhibition Cricket Match - Fall 2010" and a "Cricket Session of MSU Cricket Club." It will be aired on weekdays between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm current week. So you can look for it then on MS TV channel 98. It should re-run several times for the current week, so hopefully you all will be able to catch it. I will try to get a DVD of the coverage soon and will upload it on our club website or to some place that is accessible to all of you.
UMOJA 2010
UMOJA 2010: Unity Like You Have Never Seen Before is now here! MSUCC participated in Annual Minority Student Orientation in which approximately 1,000 students were in attendance for the event. MSUCC has set-up a booth at the Amphitheater. On behalf of MSUCC, Ananth(PRO) spoke about the Club before a large audience. Near the boot, MSUCC kit was under display. Students showed their interest in cricket and we were very much encouraged to get a good response.
Student Involvement fair 2009
MSUCC had the opportunity of educating the people about the cricket game and the club's activities in the Drill Field at "Student Involvement Fair" organized on the "Student Involvement Day" on Sep  2009. MSUCC  set up a table full of all cricket gears, which attracted a lot of students towards it. This sports Fair was the most successful event of its kind in terms of participation and enthusiasm shown by the non cricket playing students at MSU. The Club Sports Fair is an event conducted every year by Recreational Sports and all Sports Clubs of MSU gathered for the fair.
posted  September 29th, '09 @ 8:30
Club Sports Fair 2009
MSUCC had the opportunity of educating the people about the cricket game and the club's activities in the Club Sports Fair 2007 held at Sanderson Center. Many People came for enquiry regarding the club activity and practice session. This sports Fair was a successful event in terms of participation and enthusiasm. The Club Sports Fair is an event conducted every year by Recreational Sports and all Sports Clubs of MSU gathered for the fair.

posted  September 29th, '09 @ 8:30
MSUCC Organizes Cricket Clinic
This is an event specially organized to promote the exciting game of cricket at Mississippi State and to allow non-cricket playing cricket enthusiasts learn the game first hand. MSUCC aims at introducing Students and Staff to the exciting game of cricket. This event is also part of the International Education Month activities conducted by Holmes Cultural Diversity Center. The event is scheduled to be held at The Drill Field on Nov 11, 2008 from 02:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. MSUCC invites all the cricket enthusiasts to participate in the event.
posted September 4th, '08 @ 1:16 PM
MSUCC Features on BCoE Newsletter
MSU Cricket Club featured in the September issue of the Bagley College of Engineering Newsleter. The article is a symbol of recognition MSU Cricket Club has in MSU. MSUCC thanks Bagley College of Engineering for all its support.Go Dawgs!!

posted October 07, '08 @ 7:00 PM
Student Involvement Fair 2008
MSUCC, as active as ever, took pride in participating in the "Student Involvement Fair" organized on the "Student Involvement Day" on August 27th 2008. As a part of the event, MSUCC setup a stall displaying the necessary accessories involved in playing the game cricket. The response was overwhelming with a lot of visitors who apart from signing up also showed great interest in learning and understanding the game of cricket. To spice up the event, the club organized a small game called ""Hit a Six - Get a Club T-Shirt". In this Participants, who were able to hit the ball and clear the boundary ("Hit a Six") were awarded a MSUCC T-shirt. To the club's surprise six people won the T-shirts with their powerful stroke play, most of them being Americans. Overall the event was a grand success with MSUCC extending its outreach in MSU. A special mention of thanks is made here to the Student Association for their timely support in the form of arranging table and space for us to set up the stall.

posted September, '08 @ 2:54
Demise of MSUCC Member
MSUCC is deeply saddened on the demise of the former MSUCC committee member Hrishikesh Tamhankar . Hrishikesh Tamhankar served as Public Relations Officer from 2005-2007. MSUCC extends deep condolences to his family and well wishers.
posted JUL 11, '08 @ 8:30
Club Sports Fair 2008
MSUCC had the opportunity of educating the people about the cricket game and the club's activities in the Club Sports Fair 2008 held at Sanderson Center. The Club Sports Fair is an event conducted every year by Recreational Sports and all Sports Clubs of MSU gathered for the fair.
posted Feb 21, '08 @ 8:30
Club Sports Fair 2007
MSUCC had the opportunity of educating the people about the cricket game and the club's activities in the Club Sports Fair 2007 held at Sanderson Center. Many People also got to see the MAROON vs WHITE match with live commentary later in the evening. The Club Sports Fair is an event conducted every year by Recreational Sports and all Sports Clubs of MSU gathered for the fair.
posted August 29, '07 @ 8:30
Global Fusion 2007
MSUCC had participated in the Global Fusion 2007 where people from different countries got exposure to the wonderful game. MSU Cricket Club displayed the cricketing gear and explained about the game to the cricket enthusiasts.Global Fusion is an event conducted by HCDC to make new people aware of the MSU's activities.
posted August 29, '07 @ 8:30
MSUCC is Club of the Year 2007
MSUCC was awarded "Club Sports Club of the Year" by Department of Recreational Sports. This is the second time MSUCC has been bestowed this honor. This is the fifth year since the club was founded in 2002 and we have come a long way since then. The club has big plans for the future inluding home and away fixtures. Possibly also a local league.
posted April 22, '07 @ 2:30
Free World Cup showing
MSUCC is working with Holmes Cultural Diversity Center and Department of Recreational Sports to provide viewing facilies for the World Cup this March at the Sanderson Center. The event is free for all. You do not need to be a member of the Sanderson Center to participate.
posted Feb 12, '07 @ 16:00
Alumni tournament '07 coming up!!
This Spring brings another edition of our Alumni tournament. MSUCC Alumni from all over the country are planning to drop down for an weekend of intensive cricekt and lots of good times. The dates are being finalized but will be either the 17th or 24th weekend of March.
posted Jan 28, '07 @ 11:20
Spring season '07 is off to a chilly start
The new students were out playing with the old hands within a few days of arriving on campus. There are a few exciting prospects and we expect to blood them in the near future. More the players, better the competition.
posted Jan 10, '07 @ 9:40
International Campus Games Cricket Cup 2006
This year saw a team participating in the tournament from Sri Lanka besides three teams from India. The games were held on the Drill Field on the Nov 4th weekend. The Indian 1 team from Nash Street beat the higher ranked India 3 team from Chadwick to make it to the finals. The other team in the finals was the Sri Lankan team. The Sri Lankan team played out of their skins to score a sensational victory over India 1 to win the International Campus Games Cricket tournament for the first time.
posted Nov 6, '06 @ 23:30
ISA Cup 2006
The ISA Cup saw four teams in the fray this year and there was plenty of exciting cricket over the weekend. The final was a showdown between probably the two best teams in the competetion: HellRaisers vs Aryans. It was a intensely fought affair and the game went right down to the wire with Aryans winning it in the last ball of the game.
posted Oct 20, '06 @ 19:20
MSUCC @ International Fiesta, 06
The International Fiesta on the Drill Field of MSU Campus draws students and local residents from all over the county and beyond every Spring. All international communities at Mississippi State are well-represented in this festival. The cricket club was , as always, present to educate the visitors about the game of cricket and inform people about the clubs activities. We had a number of enquiries from people of all age groups and a lot of people came back later in the day MSU take on the rebels from OleMiss.
posted April 26 @ 16:40
American Cricketer Magazine features MSUCC
The MSU Cricket Club was featured in the Winter 2006 issue of the nationally distributed cricket magazine, American Cricketer. The article (archived here with permission) mentioned the activities organized by MSUCC such as the NYSP summer camp and the Bulldawg Championship Trophy.

Article |  American Cricketer

posted March 20 @ 13:40
MSUCC members graduate!!
A bunch of our players graduated last Fall from MSU. We wish them the very best for the future. We look forward to their participation in alumni events organized by the club. Good Luck!!
posted January 10 @ 10:00
Another stadium clean-up
The second clean-up of the season was a big job but the guys coped well to finish it well in time. Thanks a lot!!

MSUCC would like to thank the following volunteers for taking time out and helping in the stadium clean-up yesterday. We did not have as many people as last time and it was very hot. However, everybody worked extremely hard and we finished the job in 1 and a half hours. Student organizations like MSUCC exist because of such selfless volunteers. Special kudos to volunteers from IE who made it to the clean-up despite a major exam coming up.

1. Alok Singh
2. Dilip Godavarthi
3. Kotesh Padamati
4. Nand Kishore
5. Nishant Aggarwal
6. Pramod Jain
7. Prasad Vemuri
8. Prashanth
9. Sanjay Patil
10. Suraj Somanath
11. Surya Saha

Thank you all!!

posted October 7 @ 1:00
MSUCC participates in first stadium clean up of Fall,05
Members braved the hot sun and boiling temperatures to clean up the Davis Wade stadium on Sunday after a home game. And that too in record time!!
Great job!!

1. Alok Singh
2. Aravindh Ravichandran
3. Arun Ramakrishnan
4. Chandrashekhar Naghashekar
5. Dilip Godavarthi
6. Kotesh Padamati
7. Nand Kishore
8. Nishant Aggarwal
9. Prabhuram Jagadeeshan
10. Prasad Vemuri
11. Prashanth
12. Sanjay Patil
13. Sathyanarayana Ananthaswamy
14. Suraj Somanath
15. Surya Saha
16. Vinay Thotakura
17. Vinod Rajan
18. Yagneshwara Lanka

Thank you all!!

posted September 6 @ 12:40
MSU Cricket Club woos new students!!
MSUCC members manned a counter at the Student Involvement Fair held on 18th, August in the Union. Plenty of freshmen evinced interest in the game and actually turned up to watch us play. We also set up a booth at the Club Sports Fair in Sanderson Center on August 22nd.
posted August 24 @ 9:00
Fall 2005 cricket season starts!!
Join us on the Drill Field every Friday and Saturday at 5:00PM for a game of cricket
posted August 20 @ 10:50
Largest Cricket clinic in the United States at MSU
Those who term cricket as an unknown sport in United States, take note!! Biggest ever cricket clinic in United States is being held at Mississippi State University (MSU). MSU Cricket Club and MSU Student Association are co-organizing the largest cricket clinic in the United States as part of the 2005 National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) summer camp conducted by the MSU's Holmes Cultural Diversity Center.
SDN Article |  Photos |  News Release |  MSU Press |  Daily Journal |  Read more..

posted May 25 @ 13:43

MSU Cricket Club gets fresh faces at its helm
New Committee...
posted May 16 @ 09:30
Big time cricket comes to USA
Arrangements are underway for a 3 match series to be held at the Houston Astrodome in Houston, TX in June. This event will be organised by Cricket World International. Read more..

posted April 21 @ 11:00

MSUCC and ISA set up India Pavillion at Fiesta-05
MSUCC and ISA have been joining forces since the last couple of years to bring to you a complete Indian experience. They will set up a joint stall "India Pavilion" this year also to showcase the various facets of Indian culture with a display of India handicrafts (for sale and display), Indian costumes, Indian dances, Indian food and of course a lively game of cricket to top it all off!!
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posted April 05 @ 12:18

Cricket across the nation
An excellent overview of the cricket scene in USA today. Hope to see MSUCC in there soon. Read more..

posted February 14 @ 13:00

Domestic bliss
A quiet revolution is blowing through India's first-class game, producing zip, swing, wickets and results. Read more..

posted February 13 @ 1:00

MSUCC raises money by stadium clean-ups
This was the first year when MSUCC performed 3 stadium clean-ups which raised a sizable amount of funds to help MSUCC spread awareness about cricket in this corner of USA.
posted February 01 @ 9:00
MSUCC Sponsors Meeting
All our sponsors were invited to a luncheon to thank them for their support. They were given plaques acknowledging their support to MSUCC. Sixteen sponsors were rewarded for their support to the club. Praises were showered by the attendees at the meeting and they thanked MSUCC for inviting them to the luncheon.
posted January 06 @ 1:00
Most dedicated club
MSU Cricket Club was awarded the "Most Dedicated Club of the Year 2003-2004" by the Recreational Sports Department of Mississippi State University.
posted December 10 @ 17:00

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