Battlelines drawn...our warriors are chosen...

    Pack your bags..get ready we go now...the battlelines are drawn and we are all set to conquer a new frontier with a new set of warriors...the Committee has finally come out with the names of players going to Huntsville and I must say I am impressed with the lineup...the committee sure has put in a lot of thought into the selection and it shows...I am also mighty impressed with my skills as a predictor coz if you see the list, you will find a lot of common names between my proposed team and the actual team...looks like I am getting better at this !!!

    Here's how the team looks like and as usual I have broken down the list based on the speciality of the player:

1. Abdud Dahian
2. Gaurav Marwah
3. Jayaraman Solavaram Srinivasan
4. Krishnendu Chandra (Captain)
5. Nabeel Ahmed
6. Venkat Subramanian Srinivasan

7. Arun Ramakrishnan (wicketkeeper+bowler+batsman)
8. Khurram Zeshan Moghal (wicketkeeper+bowler+batsman)
9. Mahmood Hossain (bowler+batsman)
10. Pramod Bapu Sudheendra (wicketkeeper+batsman)
11. Rajiv Govindarajan (bowler+batsman)

12. Dakshesh Mukeshkumar Shah
13. Dipesh Patel
14. Junaid Zaheer
15. Kalyanakrishnan Balasubramanian
16. Prashanth Buchi
17. Stephen Malchi

    One word that escapes my mouth when I see this list is 'WOW'....that is the best I can do to describe the team...this is one talent-laden team...I am guessing based on the playing conditions, the final 11 will be selected on the eve of the matches..but hey...any combination I make out of this list, the team turns out to be a demolishing weapon...and I am impressed with this...

    Look out for good performances from all of these players...almost all of them have been in good form in the league here and so I would expect them to continue their good run...

    There is one factor that might affect the players as they go on this tour...the playing conditions...for one, some members of this team have never played a game outside Starkville and so it will be interesting to see how they adjust to different conditions...another important factor is the ball in the MSU league, we play using a taped-tennis ball whereas down at Huntsville, they use MRI balls which are considerably different...Our team is scheduled to practice with these balls in the coming days and I would expect them to adapt to this new factor pretty easily because I have seen them adapt to other conditions with ease...

    All I can say at this time is good luck everybody and congrats on being given this opportunity to represent our university..we have a reputation to live upto and I am sure you guys will do good...We as supporters will be there on the boundary lines cheering as usual at the top of our vocal capabilities because we believe in you...we believe in your capabilities...

    Good luck and God speed...GO DAWGS !!!
- Vikram Venkatesh
21st October 2003