MSU Cricket Club true to the spirit of MSU!!!


MSU Cricket Club brings new sport to State; was the title and essence of the article published in the Reflector on April 4, 2003. It was around the time MSU Cricket Club (MSUCC) started to gain serious popularity and started to reap the benefits of the hard work and planning put into the organization since its inception in October 2002. Since then the club has not seen backwards and has grown into one of the fastest developing and dignified organization on campus.

The club is a non-profit, non-political, sports organization. The main goal of the club is to promote the game of cricket in all its aspects at MS State. MSU Cricket Club with the support from Student Association, Recreational Sports is making all efforts to provide the necessary infrastructure for the game of cricket. The efforts of the club have been acknowledged and appreciated by a large number of organizations in and around the campus, which have helped the club to reach the position that it enjoys now.


The club recently organized Coca Cola Cup tournament at MSU, which was sponsored by Coke. Teams from University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa (UA), University of South Alabama at Mobile (USA) and two teams from Mississippi State University (MSU Maroons and MSU Whites) participated in the tournament, which was a huge success. The zest of the members of the club increased many folds when MSU Maroon defeated UA to win the final of the Coca Cola Cup. Coke has agreed to sponsor another home series to be held in spring 2004.


MSUCC also organized its first away series in May 2003, which was held at University of South Alabama at Mobile. The Student Association sponsored the fifteen-member contingent. A total of six teams participated in the tournament. MSU had a bad start when they lost their first two matches, but once the team got used to the alien conditions they won three consecutive matches to gain the third spot.


MSUCC won a home series in Spring-2003 against University of Alabama at Huntsville. The club also organized an intramural tournament in spring in which over 50 players from six different teams participated.


Apart from cricketing activities we also participate and contribute towards various cultural and social activities at MSU. We had participated in the International FIESTA-2003 where people had the first hand feel of the cricket gear.


The club with the help and support of Department of Recreational Sports and MSU Landscape has acquired a specialized ground and practice pitch at MSU. Practice and coaching sessions are held twice a week.

To experience the wave of electric atmosphere, great camaraderie and to know more about cricket please be a part of MSUCC's Quadrangular Cricket tournament to be held at Drill Field during the Labor day weekend. We hope to get continued support from individuals and organizations that have helped us so far and we are proud that we have not let their expectations down.


Dean of Students, Dr. Michael Whites comments on MSUCC


The MSU Cricket Club has played a very positive role in creating opportunities for American students to interact with our International students. Athletic competition is a common denominator among all people and your club has sparked a huge interest in a sport that we knew little about before now. Not only are you gifted athletes, you are superb ambassadors for Mississippi State University.


Student Association President, Josh Blades comments on MSUCC


"The MSUCC is one of the fastest growing organizations on our campus, and is unique in that its members not only convene to play the sport in which they love--they come together to make MSU a better place for all students, domestic and international. This is what makes the MSUCC the best new student organization at Mississippi State University."